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The magical effects of the drug
Once in the body, active ingredients of Fluoxetine:
increase the concentration of serotonin in the brain cells; prolong the stimulatory effect of serotonin on the nervous system; contribute to the fact that serotonin actively influences the centres of saturation in the brain by suppressing uncontrolled appetite feeling.

As a result of such pharmacological action of Fluoxetine, a week after beginning taking it one starts to feel that much in his life has changed:
first, of course, disappears the feeling of constant hunger and an overwhelming desire to eat the problems;
decreased appetite leads to the fact that the amount of food eaten is reduced significantly;
this allows us not to recruit new pounds and get rid of previously accumulated;
this increases the mood, there is a desire to move mountains, increases locomotor activity, and this can be used, starting to exercise, that too will contribute to weight loss;
night sleep is good and restful;
leave irritability and anger.

Indications tablets Fluoxetine

Given this extraordinary action of Fluoxetine, wise women use the opportunity to sit at this time on a diet. Amid this drug you will not feel the hunger that usually breaks all diet. And irritability and depression which are the usual companions of starvation, also in this case, will not. It turns out almost the ideal formula for effective and quick weight loss: Fluoxetine + sport + diet. Each component works to make the figure beautiful and the body healthy. But in this case not all is rosy as we would like. Because Fluoxetine as a tool for weight loss is not suitable for everyone. This drug, which has certain indications.

Indications of Fluoxetinefluoxetine drug acting on the nervous system and the brain. Its main purpose is to get rid of the doldrums, not pounds. Indications for its use are:
depression of any origin;
nervous system disorders including schizophrenia;
nervousness, irritability, fears;
chronic headaches;

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From this list it becomes clear that Fluoxetine cure serious diseases, actively affecting important systems in the body. Accordingly, if it is a healthy person will begin to use the drug on their own, without medical supervision and prescription, the consequences can be quite sad. An overabundance of serotonin can cause many side effects. Contraindications and possible side effects