Generic Prozac

If Fluoxetine will begin to take completely healthy people, the body which now produces serotonin in sufficient quantities, the concentration of this substance will increase dramatically. As a result, the case could result in serotonin syndrome, which can lead not only to coma, and death.

Therefore, weight loss with Fluoxetine should be accompanied by mandatory counselling and constant supervision of a doctor. It will not help to get rid of excess weight, reasons which is not bulimia, and malfunction of internal organs or heredity. As soon as you notice side effects, the drug should be stopped immediately:
dry mouth;
raising sweat;
the decrease in visual acuity;
decrease of sexual desire;
breast pain, their swelling;
the pain and buzzing in the ears;
asthenia (chronic fatigue syndrome);
dyspepsia (stomach problems);
pain in the bones.

In addition

In addition, there are certain contraindications to the use of Fluoxetine as a tool for weight loss: renal or hepatic insufficiency; idiosyncrasy of the drug; manic States; suicides; lactation; glaucoma; diseases of the bladder; pregnancy; the simultaneous intake of alcohol, drugs and MAO inhibitors.

With caution recommended to take Fluoxetine and in the following cases, as the reaction of the patient's body can be unpredictable

diabetes mellitus (possible sharp rise in blood sugar); epilepsy (seizures may become more frequent); Parkinson's disease; cachexia (wasting of the body); children and old age.

Wrong Fluoxetine

Wrong Fluoxetine could result in serious consequences, which is not so easy to get rid of excess pounds. Therefore, the decision to lose weight with the help of this drug should be deliberate and confirmed by medical specialists.

Do not put a diagnosis themselves, do not self-medicate may be that your increased appetite is irrelevant to bulimia. Then Fluoxetine will only hurt, not benefit. If you all agreed with the doctor, try to accurately follow the instructions for use of the drug: this will also depend on the effectiveness of your weight loss.