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The action of Fluoxetine is associated with such an important substance is serotonin. It is involved in vital functions of almost all systems and organs. A serotonin deficiency leads to disorders of the nervous system — depression, stress, nervous breakdowns, insomnia, bad mood up to the suicide, including bulimia

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Fluoxetine for pohudenie often the cause of excess weight is bulimia is an unusual mental disorder, when in times of stress or nervous breakdown people begin to uncontrollably consume too much food. The result is extra pounds, from which they begin to get rid of a variety of ways - buy Fluoxetine. But all diets and weight loss products will operate again just before the first breakdown, and the desire to "jam" their problems again has the upper hand over man, prozac cost. And when you consider that most diets and drugs weight weaken the nervous system, it seems that for people with bulimia, there is no way out of this vicious circle.

Fluoxetine for weight loss: the description of the drug, instructions + reviews

Fortunately, there's a drug dispensed simultaneously from depression, and excess weight. His name — Fluoxetine.

Advantages of Fluoxetine as a means for weight loss
Fluoxetine differs from all the other weight-loss drugs in its nature, as it is not a cure for obesity. It should be understood by all who decided to taking this drug. Fluoxetine is an antidepressant that relieves people from insomnia, bad mood, suicides and nervous breakdowns. Its main purpose is to normalize the nervous system. And in result people get rid of bulimia is a terrible hunger that constantly plagues them after each breakdown, generic prozac ! No feelings of hunger — they eat less — no longer overweight — lose weight. Accordingly, in contrast to other weight-loss drugs, Fluoxetine:.

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Does not suppress the nerve impulses, but rather restores them, so a good mood and peace of mind while losing weight with this drug, you are guaranteed;
does not affect the intestine, causing gastrointestinal disorders;
does not interfere with the metabolic processes occurring in the body, providing it to recover and deal with their internal problems;
a big plus of the drug is its low price, while most drugs for weight loss substantially empty wallets.

Indeed, if cause of excess weight is depression, then, by eliminating this root cause, you can get rid of the eternal desire to eat. Thus, the effect of Fluoxetine differs naturalness and non-interference in the internal systems of the body. What is the mechanism of its action?